1. cross-connectJoe Iurato is an street and commercial artist based in New Jersey. He places miniature sculptures in public spaces and transforms his environment to small tales.

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  2. 2headedsnake: Beth Cavener Stichter

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  3. artchipelErin Hanson (USA)

    Erin Hanson is a life-long painter, beginning her study of oil painting at 10 years old. As a teenager, she worked in a mural studio creating paintings for restaurants and casinos around the world. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Erin Hanson took pause from art to major in Bioengineering. She has since spent seven years rock climbing and painting the scenery of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. Erin Hanson has created a unique style of her own, bringing elements of classic impressionism together with modern expressionism, and a dash of “plein-air style.” Her oil paintings stand out in crowd, bringing a fresh new look to contemporary Western landscapes.

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  5. fer1972: Street Art by Pixelpancho

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  6. mymodernmet: The Guardian’s Google Street View specialist Halley Docherty has released an incredible new series of images that bring together famous album covers and their modern-day settings. Docherty uses Google Street View to pinpoint the exact location that’s depicted in the album cover, and then meticulously lines up the Street View scene and the album cover so that they blend together seamlessly. The series features albums by iconic artists like Bob Dylan, Oasis, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin.

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  7. mymodernmet: Artist Tasha Lewis has created a street art project called Swarm the World, with the goal of spreading 4,000 blue, magnetic butterflies throughout the world. Find out how to get involved here.

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  8. chadwysCalibrating A Thrift Store Landscape (On Its Side)

    paint on found picture and frame, 2014
    Chad Wys (web/tumblr/fb)

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  11. exhibition-ismBansky is back in the UK 

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  12. cross-connect:

    The artwork of Valerie Hegarty born 1967 in Burlington, Vermont, USA almost seems to hover between two worlds: those of art and real life.  Much of Hegarty’s work appears to begin with a classically styled piece of “fine art”: a still life painting, or presidential portrait for example.  In some way, then, the real world begins to impose itself on the work.  Some frames and stretchers begin growing branches and sprouting leaves.  Other paintings are riddled with bullets or burnt by fire.  The story inside the painting violently mingles with a story outside of it. The painted world and the lived world meet to tempestuous result.   via Hi-Fructose

    Facebook I Saatchi Gallery

    // selected by Tu recepcja

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  13. enspireplayground: @dwdesign (Kilian Eng)

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  15. leslieseuffertKilian Schönberger (Germany) The Clouds II,  2014

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